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Fitness & Technology

Ryan Campbell has had a long-lasting interest in both fitness and technology. As a cadet in the Air Force Academy, Campbell achieved a perfect score on the fitness test and also received recognition from the superintendent for his athletic excellence. Currently, as Ryan Campbell works towards his master’s in Business Administration, his specific interest in fitness has turned more towards HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and weightlifting. He has competed in several local and state “Men’s Physique” fitness contests, which is similar to bodybuilding. The two competition styles, however, are different in that bodybuilding is judged on muscle size and symmetry, whereas physique refers more to the muscular aesthetics.

As a result of competing in these contests, Ryan’s interest continued to grow and expand to all things health-related, such as nutrition and proper exercise execution. Recently, Ryan Campbell has grown more interested in areas such as sleep, meditation, and optimal brain health. Within the men’s physique community, Ryan admires Ben Pakulski, Rob Riches, and Dr. Jacob Wilson.

On the technology side, Ryan Campbell is primarily focused on the business aspect. He enjoys the strategy and marketing components of consumer technology rather than the actual engineering or product reviews. Recently, he worked for Amgen, a large biotech company, where he could combine two of his passions: business and technology.

To stay informed about the industry, Campbell follows various dialogue and analysis on business models, mergers and acquisitions, product launches, and different marketing strategies to see what works, and what doesn’t. Additionally, Campbell keeps tabs on the investing and venture capital communities.

Because of the nature of his work and his interest in the technology industry in general, Ryan Campbell especially likes to keep up with the big names in the industry, namely Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft, among others. However, also likes to stay up to date with exciting startups and growing businesses such as Uber, Airbnb, the Dollar Shave Club, Peloton, and Netflix. He follows Ben Thompson (Stratechery), Techcrunch, This Is Product Management, and Ellen Chisa in particular as he advances his career and strives to learn more to provide his clients with the best possible outcomes and most current knowledge.

Ryan Campbell hopes to continue to combine his passions of business and technology when he graduates from his master’s program this coming June, as well as continue to further his self-education on all things physique and health-related.



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